AJ McCarron Tattoo Designs

  AJ McCarron Tattoo Designs Once the game starts OKTC old friend AJ McCarron, who currently holds the distinction of being the only athlete who has blocked me on Twitter, will seek to lead Alabama to the title game back- to-back. ( By the way, AJ blocked me on Twitter to call his mother’s smoking hot. Which is a pity because I was just being honest. ‘s Mother was really, really hot. ) Anyway, before last season AJ McCarron chest tattoo found its way to the Internet.

After the 2011 season we started receiving unconfirmed reports that McCarron has added to her tattoo. Many email, tweet after tweet, all asking us whether we have seen the addition of AJ chest tattoos. But, mysteriously, no picture emerged of a new tattoo. McCarron ‘s tattoo rumored addition of the Internet itself is a white whale, we just could not find them anywhere, no matter how hard we look.

Twitter users RMS3 passed them along to us. According to the well respected Auburn fan, a Twitter feed now features an Auburn Tiger in the leprechaun outfit, sister friend took this picture last summer, but just posted to Facebook today.
AJ McCarron Tattoo Designs AJ McCarron Tattoo Designs
But as you can see it appears that AJ has added a cross necklace fake, the words ” home team, ” what appears to be a pigeon some, the phrase ” God is in control, ” what appears to be a shoutout to the airport MWI – Milwaukee, what what ! – Stars that can be folded over the American flag, and a variety of other props such as cloud and grooved decoration. ( Update, via Twitter and Facebook it seems analysts say MVP. Thing to honor the MVP status in the BCS title game last year. Sorry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. )
AJ McCarron Tattoo Designs
Considering how well this fits in addition to the original tattoo tattoos previously confirmed, this is a good work of highly skilled photoshop artist – Michelangelo Alabama quarterback fake tattoos – or the real thing. We prefer to think of this as our white whale, long-sought addition to tattoos McCarron. Once again, we will ask for AJ on Twitter if this is an accurate rendition of her new tattoo photo, but he blocked us to tell her heat. Seems that there is more than one chest worth attention McCarron household. This will probably all be cleared when Nick Saban gives his team the day off to enjoy the beaches of Miami.


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